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When you are choosing an obstetrician or gynecologist, reviews and recommendations from other patients can help you pick the best doctor for you. Here are some reviews from our gynecology and prenatal patients (names have been omitted to protect patient privacy).

Quotes from WomanCare patients

"You were so kind after my surgery. I was having some problems, and you returned my calls so quickly, expressing genuine care and concern for me. What a blessing to be in the hands of people like you!” --V.K.

"My first impression of the staff was fantastic! I was a new patient and the personal attention I was given made me feel comfortable.” --V.I.

"I particularly enjoyed the courteous phone call after the baby was born. It was nice to know I had not been forgotten. All attention is on the baby after the birth, but you guys let me know you still care.” --S.P.

“I have never met a doctor who was more caring. Thank you for being so concerned for my family’s welfare. You are the type of care providers that get the job done right.” --O.T.

“You were very knowledgeable about my condition and that gave me great peace. I knew I was in good hands during surgery. Thank you for making this a good experience.” --D.C.

“I really appreciated your kind and engaging presence. What a great experience this visit was. I look forward to future visits – hopefully not cyst related.” --D.R.

“Thanks for the compassion you have shown during my office visits and while I was in the hospital. You took that extra time to just talk and ask how I was doing. You are certainly a credit to your profession. Don’t change!” --H.T.

“You demonstrated great wisdom by putting me in the hospital against my wishes. Your knowledge and experience prevented me from bleeding to death. 
You had amazing patience and understanding during the delivery. You’re the greatest!”

“The WomanCare staff showed great care and compassion during my c-section and breech delivery. You put my mind at ease, answering every question with 
patience and encouragement. You’re the best!”

“There just are not words to express my gratitude for the care and concern given during my labor and subsequent c-section. You were angels in disguise.” --H.G.

“Being there when I lost my little girl meant a lot to me. Thanks for making me feel safe when I come in for office visits. You guys really care about your patients.” --H .T.

“I hate having these routine exams. WomanCare is the first OB/GYN practice I have been to that did the best job of making the experience as pleasant as one can be. Keep up the good work.” --H.C.